Advancement over

In recent years, Agrieuropa's premises have been expanded and upgraded to meet market demands.

Since 2010, the cooperative has implemented a refurbishment programme, changing and upgrading processing lines, storage rooms and refrigeration.

Food safety

Particular attention was paid to the new packaging lines for our top-range products, in which the cold chain is ensured from the entry of the raw product to the exit of the processed product.

Technological innovation

We’re committed to an approach to agriculture that can handle the challenges we face.

Quality control

Dedication to quality is our daily commitment.

The establishment

Over time we have increased our production lines for sorting and packaging (27 production lines), including 2 optical sorters, 7 packaging lines for high-quality salads, 2 bagging lines for carrots and parsley root, 2 vacuum lines, one each for courgette and cucumber, 4 watermelon sizers, temperature-controlled production and storage areas occupying approximately 3,000 square metres


For some years, the high standards guaranteed by Agrieuropa have enabled us to build excellent commercial relationships with major European countries.

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